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Infrared Heater Controllers

Shadow Industrial Infrared heaters are specified to cope with the worst conditions the UK winter can throw at them.  It is therefor advisable, in most instances to use them in conjunction with an effective control system to ensure they are operating at the heat settings you need as the ambient heat levels change throughout the year (often throughout the day in the UK!).  We can help you get it tight 1st time.


A unique feature to infrared heating is the ability to heat specific smaller areas within much larger open spaces.  We call this zoning.   Let's imagine a school sports hall being used at one end for a small group to trampoline.  Conventional heating necessitates the entire hall being heated.  This also means turning on the heaters hours before it's actually occupied to warm the room sufficiently.  Zoning allows us to have heater coverage for the entire space, however, only operates the zone or zones we want as and when they are needed.  Instant heat exactly where you want it and when you want it.


The energy savings in the above scenario are massive.  Let's assume the trampoline area takes up 25% of the hall.  Only 25% of the heating would need to be in operation (and with no pre warming).  This would add up to a 75% plus energy saving on its own.The lack of pre-heating would save even more.  Add to this that Shadow infrared heaters are already 40% more efficient than gas heating systems:

Energy usage in a 10 hour day

Conventional Gas heating 100%
Infrared heating 60% of Gas heating
No pre heating 54% (Assuming 1 hour pre-heating in a 10 hour day)
Heating turned off 42% ( Assuming 2 hours not in use per day)
Only using 25% of area 10.5% (42% / 4)
  • Energy saving in this instance is a massive 89.5%
  • Even if the entire area used, a massive 58% energy saving is still realistic

Industrial Heating Controllers

for Infrared Heating Systems

Industrial heater controllers play a crucial role in managing and regulating the operation of industrial heating systems. Suitable controllers allow for comprehensive heat management, zone controls, and remote operation of the entire heating solution.  
your environment.

Industrial heater controllers allow for greater energy efficiency - motion sensors can detect when people are no longer in an area, and switch off unneeded zones, timer switches can allow for instant heat in areas for pre specified time periods and remote controls make the whole operation as flexible and easy to use as you want it to be. A time-based control can be used to schedule what time the heater is turned on and off, optimising energy consumption, by only having the heater operating when it is needed. 

Shadow offer a range of modular heater controls for different sized systems including hard wired and radio based wireless control solutions.  We are here to help and offer free comprehensive advise and assistance.

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