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Infresco IP65 Heater Controller 4kW & 6kW Variable Remote Control

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Infresco IP65 Heater Controller 4kW & 6kW Variable Remote Control
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Infresco Dimmer with Softstart - Max 4.0kW & 6.0kW

The Infresco Patio Heater controller is IP65 rated for full outdoor use and features a 1 to 10 step setting allowing you to find the optimum heat comfort at the press of a button or by remote control. An optional remote control allows for the unit to be fitted out of the way so safety is paramount. The Infresco heater controller also has a built in soft start function which can addup to an additional 30% life to your heater lamp as well as preventing sensitive fuses tripping when heaters are switched on.

Other additions to the system can be heat sensors to prevent the unit from operating the patio heaters when the ambient air temperature is already high enough and passive infrared motion sensors which, when combined, have a massive cost saving effect on your patio heaters energy consumption.


Technical Specification

  Infresco IP65 Heater Remote Controller 4kW
Infresco IP65 Heater Remote Controller 6kW
Voltage (V) 220 - 240V 220 - 240V

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When you heating solution arrives, it is setup and ready for installation. Control systems are factory setup according to your specific needs. All you need is a competent electrician to install the heaters and controllers in your specified locations.

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