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Factory Heating

Factory Heating
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Factory Heating

Factories come in multiple shapes and sizes. While styles vary from ultra-modern to historic, they all tend to have high ceilings and a variety of different heating needs throughout the day. With shutter doors constantly opening and closing and large open spaces, heating a factory is challenging.

With conventional convection factory heaters, managers typically need to pre-warm areas for several hours before staff come in. Worse, this kind of heating is designed to slowly raise the ambient temperature of the whole room - a huge waste if you only have a few staff in one or two areas.

And that's not to mention the price you're paying for all that heat that is needlessly rising and warming your ceiling voids!

Shadow Industrial's innovative electric infrared systems eliminate waste by allowing you to instantly heat only the areas where people are working.

And unlike convection heating, infrared warms people, not air - meaning it works well in older buildings that aren't thermally sound.

We can show you how your factory can be easily split into zones - and how these can be individually heated so that an employee sat at a computer can choose a higher heat setting than a more active colleague in an adjacent zone.

Why our bespoke heating solutions are perfect for factories

Icon: Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Factory infrared heaters convert almost all of the input energy into heat, making them highly energy-efficient. They directly emit radiant heat that warms anyone in their path, rather than heating all the air in your factory. This targeted approach reduces heat loss through air circulation and cuts energy use.

Icon: Instant Heat

Instant Heat

Infrared heaters provide instant heat as soon as they are turned on, needing zero warm-up time. This rapid response time is especially well suited to factories where quick heating is required for worker comfort or maintaining specific temperature requirements.

Icon: Zoning and Flexibility

Zoning and Flexibility

Infrared heating allows for effective zoning within any factory space. You can selectively heat specific areas or zones without wasting energy warming unoccupied or unused areas. This flexibility enables total customisation of the heating system based on your exact needs.

Icon: Direct and Targeted Heating

Direct and Targeted Heating

Unlike conventional factory heating solutions that warm the surrounding air, infrared heaters emit radiant heat that directly warms objects and individuals in their range. This targeted heating ensures that people in the factory receive warmth efficiently, regardless of air movement or draughts.

Icon: Improved Comfort and Productivity

Improved Comfort and Productivity

Infrared heating makes factories more comfortable to work in. It warms objects and people directly, creating a pleasant sensation similar to the warmth of sunlight. This can enhance worker comfort and productivity, especially in large spaces where conventional heating methods may be less effective.

Icon: Space Savings

Space Savings

Our infrared heaters are available in compact sizes and can be mounted on walls or ceilings, which helps save valuable floor space in a factory. They can be strategically positioned to deliver heat exactly where it is needed most - without obstructing workflow or storage areas.

Icon: Zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

The infrared heating systems we provide typically have fewer moving parts than traditional heating systems, reducing the chances of mechanical failures and the need for regular maintenance. This can result in cost savings and less downtime for maintenance activities.

Icon: Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Did you know? You can save up to 90% of your energy costs by switching to our systems

Reducing climate-damaging emissions

Most companies today want to reduce or eliminate their net contribution to greenhouse gasses - but it can be hard to know where to begin.

What will have the most impact? One focus area for many organisations is their energy use and heating.

Gas-based systems are falling out of favour as they generate significant carbon emissions. Instead, many are turning to electric infrared heating as this offers the potential for zero emissions at the point of use if renewable energy is used to power them.

Infrared is a popular choice as it offers very high-efficiency ratings - up to 98% of energy is converted into heat. Additionally, heat isn't wasted as it can be focused on the areas that need it the most.


Industrial Heating Guides & Videos

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