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Food Production

Food Production
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Food Production

Food production facilities are famously chilly - but they don't have to be. The answer is infrared heat, which warms whatever the light in the heaters touches (such as people) instead of the air.

That means the ambient temperature in your food production facility barely changes. And the infrared rays needn't affect the products that your workers are handling - food can easily be kept out of the infrared heaters' glare with a simple shade system. The result? Chilled food and warm, happy workers.

The other big advantage of our innovative infrared heat systems over traditional convection heaters is that they generate zero movement of air.

This means no dust, fluff, viruses or bacteria being wafted about and potentially spoiling the product your teams are working on.

It's the cleanest heating system there is. We can even create a bespoke system based on zones in your food prep space so that you can instantly heat only the exact places where people are working at any given time.

Why infrared heating solutions are ideal in food production facilities

Icon: Instant and Efficient Heating

Instant and Efficient Heating

Instant and efficient heating allows for quicker food processing times in production. Infrared heaters send direct short-wave rays to objects and people in their path, allowing for consistent and uniform heating. Heat doesn't get wasted as our infrared heating solutions don't warm the air.

Icon: Precise Temperature Control

Precise Temperature Control

Temperature control is crucial in food production to ensure product quality, consistency and safety. Shadow Industrial infrared heaters provide precise temperature control, meaning that accurate adjustments can be made to meet specific process requirements.

Icon: Zoning and Flexibility

Zoning & Flexibility

Creating zones for your infrared heaters gives you the last word in flexibility. By splitting your facilities into zones, you can target specific areas without wasting energy or heat on unused spaces. We can help you to customise a zoning setup to match the exact layout of your food production space.

Icon: Hygienic Heating

Hygienic Heating

Our infrared heaters are the cleanest heat source you can use. They have smooth, easily cleanable surfaces, and their fan-free direct heating minimises the risk of airborne gems getting to food. Need products to stay cool? Simple shielding solutions keep them out of the heaters' glare.

Icon: Improved Comfort and Productivity

Improved Comfort & Productivity

Infrared heating provides a more comfortable working environment in food production. This unique way of heating warms people and objects directly, providing a similarly soothing warmth like the sun. This level of comfort can, in turn, enhance worker productivity.

Icon: Space Savings

Space Savings

Shadow infrared heaters are compact and can be mounted to walls or ceilings, which helps free up valuable space on the food production floor. Heaters can be strategically positioned in areas where heat is needed the most - without obstructing important working areas.

Icon: Zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

Our infrared heaters contain fewer moving parts than traditional heating systems, and that means mechanical failures are far less likely to occur. This reduces the need for regular maintenance and also minimises downtime for servicing. The cost savings can be significant.

Icon: Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Did you know? You can save up to 90% of your energy costs by switching to our systems

Reducing climate-damaging emissions

Most companies today want to reduce or eliminate their net contribution to greenhouse gasses - but it can be hard to know where to begin.

What will have the most impact? One focus area for many organisations is their energy use and heating.

Gas-based systems are falling out of favour as they generate significant carbon emissions. Instead, many are turning to electric infrared heating as this offers the potential for zero emissions at the point of use if renewable energy is used to power them.

Infrared is a popular choice as it offers very high-efficiency ratings - up to 98% of energy is converted into heat. Additionally, heat isn't wasted as it can be focused on the areas that need it the most.


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