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Retail / Showrooms

Retail / Showrooms
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Retail / Showrooms

A large retail space can be as big as a football pitch. Ceiling heights are usually high, too - meaning your current heating system might be trying to heat up tens of thousands of square metres every day.

No wonder your fuel bills are sky high!

Shadow Industrial comes at retail and showroom heating from a different angle. Instead of trying to warm all that air, why not heat your staff and customers directly instead?

That's the beauty of infrared heating - it's like stepping out of the shadow into the sun: you instantly feel the effects of the medium-wave energy on your skin. Plus, it's easily controlled, and we can help you to split your retail space into individual zones as needed.

In a garden centre, that might mean different temperatures at the checkout compared to your rows of garden plants, for example.

Or in a large DIY store, it might mean turning the temperature near automatic doors up a little because cold air frequently filters in.

Why our bespoke heating solutions are perfect for retail showrooms

Icon: Direct Heating

Direct Heating

Infrared provides heat directly, allowing staff and customers to feel warmth instantly. This is especially beneficial in large stores or those with high ceilings and also in spaces with limited heating options. Ensure comfort for everyone by strategically positioning heaters to warm customer seating areas, product displays or other targeted spaces.

Icon: Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Infrared heaters are famous for their energy efficiency. Instead of heating the air, they heat people and objects directly. This focused approach means that heat loss is heavily reduced, resulting in cost savings for your store or showroom. It also means that there is no need to wait for your heaters to warm up.

Icon: Zoning and Flexibility

Zoning and Flexibility

In large stores and showrooms, our clients typically want to position heaters in different areas, targeting specific zones without wasting heat or energy on areas that are unused. This flexibility allows you to customise your heating system based on the exact layout and requirements of your premises.

Icon: Improved Comfort and Productivity

Improved Comfort and Productivity

Infrared heaters provide localised comfort to customers and staff by directly heating the people within their range. This targeted heating creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere in specific areas, such as seating areas, checkout counters or changing rooms, which enhances the overall shopping experience.

Icon: Space Savings

Space Savings

The Shadow Industrial infrared heater collection includes a number of powerful, compact models which can be mounted to walls or ceilings, saving valuable floor space. These heaters can be strategically placed where they're needed so that they don't get in the way of aisle signage, shelves or in-store lighting systems.

Icon: Zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

Our infrared heaters have fewer moving parts than traditional heating systems, which means that the chances of mechanical failure and regular maintenance are greatly reduced. Less frequent maintenance equates to less downtime, which means that your business can operate to its maximum potential.

Icon: Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Did you know? You can save up to 90% of your energy costs by switching to our systems

Icon: Instant Heat

Instant Heat

Infrared heaters provide instant heat as soon as they are turned on, needing zero warm-up time. This rapid response time is especially well suited to factories where quick heating is required for worker comfort or maintaining specific temperature requirements.

Reducing climate-damaging emissions

Most companies today want to reduce or eliminate their net contribution to greenhouse gasses - but it can be hard to know where to begin.

What will have the most impact? One focus area for many organisations is their energy use and heating.

Gas-based systems are falling out of favour as they generate significant carbon emissions. Instead, many are turning to electric infrared heating as this offers the potential for zero emissions at the point of use if renewable energy is used to power them.

Infrared is a popular choice as it offers very high-efficiency ratings - up to 98% of energy is converted into heat. Additionally, heat isn't wasted as it can be focused on the areas that need it the most.


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