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Guide to choosing the right heating system

What heating system works best for me?

  • Shadow Industrial is your heating system partner, we will do everything to find you the best heating system for you, apart from installing the heater as you will need an electrician for that.
  • 1kW of heat power will cover 5m² on the ground, so it's good to know how large of a space you need heating and how many heaters you'd require. If you're looking to heat a larger area of 100m², then you're going to need about 20kW of heaters to heat that area.
  • We will work with you to guide you through what infrared heating system works best for you so you've got the perfect solution.

Heat people, surfaces, and the exact area you need instantly with shortwave infrared rays. Feel a sun-like heat indoors!

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Preconfigured: Shadow  13.5kW & 18kW Industrial Heater

Industrial Heating Guides & Videos

Everything you need to know about our industrial heating solutions


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