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Shadow Infinity Infrared Heaters

Shadow Infinity infrared heaters are the last word in high performance, shortwave industrial infrared heating. Designed for high performance, flexibility, and functionality in larger buildings, they are a powerful modular heating solution. Pods range from 4.5kW to 18kW and, with innovative state-of-the-art controls, are the building blocks of amazingly versatile and limitless total heating solutions.


Specially designed ultra-powerful 530mm quartz halogen lamps have been engineered to work with an elongated two meter long heater housing. With the addition of superb mirror polished parabolic reflectors the Shadow Infinity heater produces more heat, greater heat spread and better performance characteristics than ever before.


Designed to be modular, each unit fits onto a unique bracketing system, allowing multiple them to be parallel mounted in doubles and triplets. Each bracketed assembly can provide up to 18kW of infrared heat in a unique U shaped configuration angling the outer heaters giving an even greater heat distribution on the ground than ever before possible.


Perfectly designed for industrial applications, each heater or heater pod can be paired with its own variable controller. These controllers can then turn the heating pods up and down, individually, or, in zones. Your facility can be divided into invisible sections (zones) as large or small as you like and then each zone controlled individually. Complete control Complete flexibility.

All Shadow Infinity heaters are equipped with the latest Ultra Low Glare infrared lamp technology, ensuring optimal energy-to-heat conversion, whilst emitting less than 3 lumens of visible light. The Shadow Infinity range offers a comprehensive range of industrial heaters varying in size from 6kW to 18kW. These heaters can be easily wall mounted or suspended, providing complete heat coverage for expansive areas. Our Infinity heaters have the unique ability to heat zones or smaller areas within them, enhancing efficiency through precise control.

Shadow Infinity infrared heaters are designed to effectively heat areas where people are actively working, maintaining a comfortable temperature while consuming less energy compared to other industrial heating solutions. Just like the sun's rays, the minute they're on, you feel instantly warm.

Infrared industrial heaters offer a cost-efficient and carbon-efficient alternative to gas or warm air heating systems. Short-wave infrared heats people and objects instantly, allowing targeted heat to specific areas of wide-open commercial and industrial spaces such as workbenches, packing desks, workstations and more. Heating unoccupied space is pure energy wastage.

Brilliant for buildings where openings to the outside are in regular use, such as delivery areas or aircraft hangars. With Shadow Infinity, you won't lose heat to the elements when your doors are open, infrared heat will not get blown away.


Our video guide to choosing the right infrared heating solution

Stephen Levy the founder of Shadow Heating explains they key factors to heating warehouses and other industrial premises. Watch the video and call us to talk though your specific requirements so that we can specify the best solution for your unique circumstances.

Guide to choosing to right infrared industrial heating solution


Shadow Infinity Industrial Infrared Heater Coverage Areas

Heat Outdoors range of large infrared industrial heaters offers powerful heating solutions. Suitable for areas in which a high ceiling mount is required. The diagram below offers a graphical depiction of the heater coverage you can expect from the industrial infrared heaters range, when ceiling mounted.

The Infinity industrial infrared range can also be wall mounted, for spaces in which the ceiling height is simply too high to achieve an adequate heat distribution, or heat is required closer to the working area. In particular the lower kilowatt infrared industrial heater units can be used above larger industrial production lines, or car industry work bays for instance.

Shadow Warehouse Infrared heater Coverage

Note: the coverage area is a guide only and calculated for effecting heating in the colder months. The areas given can be influenced by a number of additional factors. Heat is subjective and different people feel warm at different heat levels and people who are more sedentary and still, will need more heat than those that are more physically active at work.


How much infrared heat do I need for my warehouse space?

There are a number of factors which  impact how much heat you might need. Firstly, and possibly most importantly, the footprint of the area you want to cover. Even the most powerful infrared heaters will struggle to provide sufficient heat if underspecified for the space in question.

At Shadow Industrial, we usually base our specifications on the 'rule of thumb' that 1kW of heat will adequately cover an area of approx. 4 - 5 square meters of floor space. Other external factors will affect this measurement, such as the level of airflow through the area, the mounting heights that can be achieved and also personal preferences as to how warm you actually want the area to be and feel. The heating level required will differ for instance for active workers who are already generating up plenty of kinetic warmth, and workers who are more sedentary, stationed at workstations or benches.

We are always here to help you make the right decision, with our knowledgeable specification team available by phone, video, email, live chat, and online forms. Send us in photographs, specification drawings, diagrams or measurements, and our team will be sure to provide a comprehensive heating plan for you.


Can I use regular power circuits?

Smaller Shadow industrial heaters up to 6kW run off a standard UK 240-volt single phase. Larger more powerful heaters from 9kW up to 18kW need to be installed on a UK 415-volt three-phase power circuit. The technical specs on each heater  clearly display which circuit is required.

Our Warehouse infrared heater pack range is compatible with single phase installations only.

It's important to initially have an electrician assess the power circuit you have, and also the power still available on that circuit for your heating system to use. This is an important aspect which will support us in providing you with a workable specification. 

Industrial Heating Guides & Videos

Everything you need to know about our industrial heating solutions


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