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Shadow Infinity 3 Zone Industrial Heater Solution

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Shadow Infinity 6kW Heater Manual Shadow Industrial 6kW Remote Control Variable Heater Controller Manual Shadow 3 Zone RF Transmitter Manual

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Infinity 3 Zone Industrial Heater Solution at a glance

Discover why Shadow Industrial infrared heaters are saving many companies over 90% of their energy consumption.


2 Years year warranty
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High Power 3 Zone Remote controlled Industrial Heating Solution

This package includes a Shadow Infinity 6kW Industrial Heater together with a 3 zone RF controller (transmitter) and RF receiver and is the perfect option to heat industrial areas or warehouses.

Heating large or difficult to heat buildings generally requires high power and energy efficient heating solutions. The ShadowInfinity 6kW heat is just that and possesses all the necessary characteristics to make it the best choice for large spaces.

Impressive Heat. Fast.

The Shadow Infinity Industrial Heaters excels at taking no time at all to produce truly impressive amounts of heat and warm up the surrounding area, an important factor when dealing with large open spaces. The 6kW model has a single phase supply wired into the three phase heater controller. It is the perfect option for customers that need to maximise the performance of the infrared heaters.

More Power, Less Waste.

The short-wave infrared our heaters operate, cuts through airflow to directly target the surrounding objects and people. This is different to gas heaters, where the heat will rise and result in much of the heat being wasted.

Flexible, Stylish Design.

The combination Shadow 6kW RF heater solution offers a flexible design that allows it to be mounted almost anywhere, so you can maximise its heat output and ensure it is running to its full potential. This infrared heater has been operated in a number of different settings, including indoor sports venues, churches, large factories, zoos, shopping malls and many more.

Shadow 6kW Plus Industrial Infrared heater dimensions

Heater Dimensions

Length 1790mm
Width 255mm
Depth 184mm

Heater Coverage

Typical coverage areas obtained from the 4.5kW and 6kW Shadow Infinity models

Shadow Infinity 6kW Industrial Infrared heater coverage
Shadow Infinity 4.5kW Industrial Infrared heater coverage

Note: the coverage area is a guide only and calculated for effecting heating in the colder months. The areas given can be influenced by a number of additional factors. Heat is subjective and different people feel warm at different heat levels and people who are more sedentary and still, will need more heat than those that are more physically active at work.

View our full Industrial Infrared Heating range

We have a number of different industrial infrared heaters in our range. The heat output ranges from 3kW to 18kW so take a look to find the right heater for your work area or give us a call to go though your requirements.

Technical Specification

  Shadow Infinity 6kW Industrial Heater, Transmitter and Receiver
Shadow Infinity 6kW Industrial Heater and Receiver - Additional Module
Voltage (V) 220 - 240V 220 - 240V
Warranty (years) 2 Years 2 Years


Industrial Heating Guides & Videos

Everything you need to know about our industrial heating solutions

Shadow Infinity 18kW Industrial Infrared Heater
Shadow Infinity 18kW Industrial Infrared Heater

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