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Commercial Electric Infrared Heating

The new gold standard in energy-efficient, eco-friendly electric heating for commercial & industrial premises.

At Shadow Industrial, we're at the forefront of innovation in the heating revolution. Our extensive lineup of infrared heating solutions features cutting-edge Ultra Low Glare technology, meticulously crafted for vast spaces. In contrast to conventional convection heaters, our state-of-the-art infrared heating systems offer instant, targeted warmth precisely where and when it's needed. Gone are the days of needlessly heating an entire workspace when only a fraction of it is occupied. Shadow Industrial's infrared heating systems deliver carbon-efficient, easily controllable heating with substantial energy savings.

We'll help you make your workspace greener.

Switching to our ultra-modern, highly-controllable infrared heating systems can save the average organisation up to 90% of the energy they use.

That's great news for your bottom line, and even greater news for the planet!

*Potential energy savings against equivalent gas based systems

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Potential energy savings*

Potential savings, globe image

A Versatile Heating Solution for Every Commercial Space.

Shadow Industrial Heating Solutions provide carbon efficient, controllable, heating with massive energy savings.

Coverage from 50m2 to 5,000m2 is perfect for all open spaces from small workshops to the largest factory and warehouse complexes.

Shadow Industrial infrared heaters with Ultra Low Glare technology are great for large spaces. They can be used individually, combined into arrays of up to 18kW or, used as heating modules to build solutions capable of heating the large industrials sites. The sizes of installation and variability is truly limitless.

With the development of advanced control systems that are either wired of operate by radio, maximum energy efficiency is achieved, usually resulting in heating energy reductions of 60-90%*

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* Maximum savings when measured against gas.
Versatile heater

Heating Solution Applications

Want to calculate how much energy you could save?

Tap the dimensions of your workspace into our calculator tool and see in seconds your maximum peak electrical need. Remember you only need to heat the zones in use at any one time. In practice, this means that less than 25% of the calculated electrical consumption is typically used, resulting in significant energy savings.
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As a leading UK manufacturer of infrared heaters, we have provided heating solutions to many global brands.

Chelsea FC
Houses of Parliament
Metropolitan Police FC
Royal Air Force
The o2 Arena

"Heater Haven"

From start to finish they gave me great advice on what type of heater would suit my needs. Would not hesitate to deal with again.
- Customer, Kevin Scott

"5 star service"

From start to finish the team couldn't be more helpful, I've ordered several heaters from this company now and can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you.
- Customer, Davd Straker

"Really helpful and efficient company"

Really helpful and efficient company. Ciara was great and very knowledgeable. Heaters arrived next day ✅. Wish all companies were this professional.
- Customer, Lucy L

"Excellent service"

Excellent service. Great advice during purchase process, good after sales and parts and spares readily available.
- Customer, Stef Raftopoulos

"5 star friendly service"

5 star friendly service, quick delivery, quality products. Recommend.
- Customer, Dan Bamforth

"Perfect company for heating solutions"

Excellent video explaining the differences in heaters helped decide which type, KW and how many units to purchase.

Delivery was excellent and they are very well built. They provide the perfect affordable heating solution, for larger scale projects.

- Customer, CU.

"Great product and great service"

We bought 5 heaters for our development and were more than happy with the products, and impressive heat output. The delivery was extremely fast and we were given a follow up email to check everything was okay. All in all, great product and great service, I would recommend!
- Customer, JP.

"Great customer experience"

Great customer experience - gave me detailed knowledge on the product when I called, and they checked in with me to make sure I was happy with the product or whether they could help in any way following installation. That was just the service - the heater I got and the service was first class!
- Customer, MJ.

"A really high quality product"

A really high-quality product, clearly expert design with a detailed and comprehensive consultation too. Larger than I expected but looks great, and provides excellent heat output. Still need to test in the much cooler weather, but the heaters were simple to install and much more convenient and ECO friendly than our outdated gas system.
- Customer, Terry Biddell

"The service from this company is second to none..."

The service from this company is second to none and the products are phenomenal quality.
- Customer, Anne Lenton

"Excellent company"

Excellent company! I contacted them to discuss at length our needs and got a very helpful, knowledgeable and swift response. We placed an order which came as advised, quickly and packaged well. After delivery we found we had ordered too few heaters for our warehouse due to sending over incorrect measurements, and the team could not have been more helpful or understanding in achieving quickly what we actually needed. I would happily recommend Shadow Industrial to anyone.
- Customer, Mark Lawton

Industrial Heating Guides & Videos

Everything you need to know about our industrial heating solutions

Case Studies & Project Insights

Exploring the Efficiency and Innovation: Illuminating Success Stories in Industrial Infrared Heating Solutions.

Case Study: St Helen's Church, Colchester

Shadow Industrial brings you industry-leading Ecclesiastical Heating Solutions - a low-carbon, net-zero alternative that transcends the limitations of traditional heating methods.
Case Study: St Helen's Church, Colchester

Revolutionising Warmth
Places of Worship:

At Shadow Industrial, we excel in providing warmth to sacred spaces, standing as a beacon of innovation and practicality. Our revolutionary infrared heaters have proven transformative, addressing challenges where conventional systems fall short. Take a look at the success story of St Helen's Chapel Antiochian Church in Colchester, where our industrial infrared heaters turned an ancient church, enduring three winters without heating, into a haven of warmth and comfort.

Read Full Case Study

Why Shadow Industrial for Churches

Innovation Leaders: With over a decade of experience as market leaders, Shadow Industrial is a pioneer in infrared heating solutions.

Low-Carbon, Net-Zero Alternative: Our electric heating systems align seamlessly with environmental ambitions, offering compliance and sustainability.

Preserving Heritage: Committed to the longevity of heritage buildings, our tasteful heating solutions seamlessly integrate into the architectural fabric.

Success Story:

Overview & Challenges: Confronting a formidable issue of no heating, St Helen's Chapel endured three harsh winters. Conventional heating attempts failed, leaving worshippers in discomfort.

Selection of Infrared Heating: Opting for electric infrared heating, proved to be the ideal choice. Impractical underfloor heating, costing over £100,000, posed a significant drawback, needing activation hours before the church's planned use. Infrared heating ensures an inviting, comfortable environment at the touch of a button.

Why Infrared Heating Worked:

Installation: A heating specification with 6 heating zones was designed and installed.

Post Installation Comments: Positive feedback flowed in, with improved comfort and usability.

Swift and Responsive: The system optimises energy efficiency and empowers the church community with unprecedented heating flexibility.

Instant Warming Heat: Unlike traditional systems, our infrared heaters provide instant warming heat.

Instant warmth at the flick of a switch. Shadow Eco Infrared Heating Solutions.

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Case Study: Sports Hall

Just like factories, churches, garages and warehouses, sports halls have different needs throughout the day. Here's now our infrared heating solutions can help.
Case Study: Gymnasium

The potential energy savings in a 10-hour day:

Conventional gas heating energy use: 100%
Like-for-like infrared heating energy use reduces this to: 60%
No need for pre-heating brings this down to: 54%
'No heat' periods when spaces are empty lowers total to: 42%
Heating only the 1/4 of space needed (zoning) cuts it to: 10.5%
Energy saving in this instance is a massive:


A large group is in for badminton club lasting 2 hours.       

The old-school way:

Traditionally, the manager (or an automatic timer) would switch the heating on hours before arrival to warm up the ambient temperature.

Our solution:

Turn on all the infrared heating in the hall the moment the first members arrive. Then, turn it down once they are training and they need less heat. Turn it off as soon as they leave.


The trampoline is out, and the county team is training in one corner of the gym.

The old-school way:

Heating (and pre-heating) the gym for several hours once again.

Our solution:

Using our innovative zoning system, infrared heat can be turned on the moment people arrive in the exact areas where they will be training. Instant heat where it is needed!


Pilates on mats for the over 60s in one half of the gym and circuit training in the other half.

The old way:

Heat the entire gym to one temperature. Either the Pilates group are too cold, or the circuit trainers are too warm. You can't please both groups!

Our solution:

Using our unique zoning control, turn on the heating for the Pilates group to 66% whilst the circuit trainers warm their area to just 33%.

Find out what the savings could look like in your own premises

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The efficiencies

Ultra low-glare lamps

Heat only areas that need heating within one larger area.

Instant heat in any area or zone; complete flexibility and control.

Presently, most industrial premises are heated by warming the air in one form of convection or another. This is inefficient and costly, slow and often comes with an expensive, specialist maintenance contract.

Our short-wave infrared heating solutions on the other hand are high efficient and effective, compratively inexpensive, easy to install and incur no maintenance contract fees.

Innovation in Industrial Heating


in commerical heating

Warm up the exact areas you need with Shadow infrared heating solutions. Infrared heat is ideal for settings such as factories, warehouses, and workshops as the heat works the same way as the sun, the heat won't escape through windows or open doors so you get an incredibly efficient heating system.

By only heating the exact areas you need you won't be wasting any heat on areas where there are no people. If you need to heat multiple areas, we can zone each heater where can turn up or down each heater, allowing for greater flexibility and control. If someone leaves an area you can turn off that heater, saving you much more energy and money.

Shadow Industrial
Our UK company has been designing and manufacturing innovative, market-leading heating solutions for more than 25 years. Shadow Industrial focuses on higher -ceilinged buildings where we can heat the whole or, specific areas within a larger space, providing businesses with cost-effective infrared heating solutions. When purchasing your heating solution from us:
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer
    Fast turnaround times, hassle free.
  • Free Specifying Service
    We will give you all the help you need to understand and purchase the perfect heating solution.
  • Easy Installation
    Use any competent electrician with us on hand to help and advise.
  • Make a real difference to the environment
    With energy savings often over 90%.
  • Automatic 5 year warranty on all products
    Lifetime telephone support.

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