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Sports Hall Heating

Case Study: Sports Hall

Case Study: Sports Hall Leisure Centre

Discover the Exceptional Comfort Delivered by Shadow Industrial Infrared Heaters in Sports Halls.

Case Study: Gymnasium

The potential energy savings in a 10-hour day:

Conventional gas heating energy use: 100%
Like-for-like infrared heating energy use reduces this to: 60%
No need for pre-heating brings this down to: 54%
'No heat' periods when spaces are empty lowers total to: 42%
Heating only the 1/4 of space needed (zoning) cuts it to: 10.5%
Energy saving in this instance is a massive:


A large group is in for badminton club lasting 2 hours.       

The old-school way:

Traditionally, the manager (or an automatic timer) would switch the heating on hours before arrival to warm up the ambient temperature.

Our solution:

Turn on all the infrared heating in the hall the moment the first members arrive. Then, turn it down once they are training and they need less heat. Turn it off as soon as they leave.


The trampoline is out, and the county team is training in one corner of the gym.

The old-school way:

Heating (and pre-heating) the gym for several hours once again.

Our solution:

Using our innovative zoning system, infrared heat can be turned on the moment people arrive in the exact areas where they will be training. Instant heat where it is needed!


Pilates on mats for the over 60s in one half of the gym and circuit training in the other half.

The old way:

Heat the entire gym to one temperature. Either the Pilates group are too cold, or the circuit trainers are too warm. You can't please both groups!

Our solution:

Using our unique zoning control, turn on the heating for the Pilates group to 66% whilst the circuit trainers warm their area to just 33%.

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Reducing climate-damaging emissions

Most companies today want to reduce or eliminate their net contribution to greenhouse gasses - but it can be hard to know where to begin.

What will have the most impact? One focus area for many organisations is their energy use and heating.

Gas-based systems are falling out of favour as they generate significant carbon emissions. Instead, many are turning to electric infrared heating as this offers the potential for zero emissions at the point of use if renewable energy is used to power them.

Infrared is a popular choice as it offers very high-efficiency ratings - up to 98% of energy is converted into heat. Additionally, heat isn't wasted as it can be focused on the areas that need it the most.


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