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Garages / Workshops
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Garages / Workshops

Every winter, mechanics all over the UK have to reach for the thermals when they get ready for work every morning. That's because most garages and workshops are large, draughty places whose roller shutter doors are left open for most of the day.

While some garages have extractor systems for exhaust fumes, many don't - meaning those large doors have to be kept wide open from first thing in the morning until closing time, with the room's ambient temperature steadily dropping throughout the day.

Shadow infrared heating is the answer for workshop heating. It is the fast, efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional convection heating, and it works brilliantly in large, open spaces that are exposed to the elements.

That's because a workshop infrared heater relies on short-wave energy that heats whatever it touches (i.e. people) instead of heating the air. As a result, the warming effect on garage workers is instant.

Instead of fighting a losing battle trying to raise the ambient temperature of a huge room, you can direct your heat to the exact places in the workshop where it's needed.

Why our bespoke heating solutions are perfect in workshops and garages

Icon: Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Workshop infrared heaters produce heat directly, warming up everything in their path instead of warming up the surrounding air. Direct, targeted heating reduces energy wastage in your garage, minimising heat that is lost through air circulation. It means that doors can be left open to let out dangerous vehicle exhaust fumes.

Icon: Instant Heat

Instant Heat

Infrared heaters provide heat the second they are turned on. That means there is no preheating or waiting around for the heater to warm up. This feature has made our systems hugely popular in garages or workshops where fast warmth is required - especially on winter days when large doors are left open for long spells.

Icon: Zoning and Flexibility

Zoning & Flexibility

Shadow infrared heaters can be zoned to heat specific areas in your garage or workshop, providing a great deal of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Why heat part of the garage where no one is working? By strategically positioning your heaters, you can heat individual workstations, benches, or areas of high occupancy as needed.

Icon: Improved Comfort and Productivity

Improved Comfort and Productivity

Infrared heaters create a comfortable working environment by directly heating objects and people. The heat generated is similar to that of the sun, providing a gentle warmth that doesn't produce drafts or air movement. It means that staff can work comfortably all day - even in large or draughty spaces.

Icon: Space Savings

Space Savings

Our infrared heaters are available in compact sizes and can be mounted on walls or ceilings, which helps save valuable floor space in a factory. They can be strategically positioned to deliver heat exactly where it is needed most - without obstructing workflow or storage areas.

Icon: Zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

Our industrial-grade infrared heaters are designed to withstand the demands of garages and workshops. They are constructed with durable materials that can endure harsh conditions and heavy use. Additionally, Shadow infrared heaters generally require minimal maintenance due to their simple construction, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Icon: Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Did you know? You can save up to 90% of your energy costs by switching to our workshop heating solutions.

Icon: Direct and Targeted Heating

Direct and Targeted Heating

Unlike conventional factory heating solutions that warm the surrounding air, infrared heaters emit radiant heat that directly warms objects and individuals in their range. This targeted heating ensures that people in the factory receive warmth efficiently, regardless of air movement or draughts.

Reducing climate-damaging emissions

Most companies today want to reduce or eliminate their net contribution to greenhouse gasses - but it can be hard to know where to begin.

What will have the most impact? One focus area for many organisations is their energy use and heating.

Gas-based systems are falling out of favour as they generate significant carbon emissions. Instead, many are turning to electric infrared heating for garages or workshops as this offers the potential for zero emissions at the point of use if renewable energy is used to power them.

Infrared is a popular choice as it offers very high-efficiency ratings - up to 98% of energy is converted into heat. Additionally, heat isn't wasted as it can be focused on the areas that need it the most.


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