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Sontay Black Bulb Sensor

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Sontay Black Bulb Sensor
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Sontay Black Bulb Sensor for infrared heaters

The Sontay TT-BB-A is a black bulb Sensor used to measure temperature, radiant heat in indoor environments. It can be used in conjunction with the Shadow 6kW variable controller.

This product is made of ABS (flame retardant).

The Dimensions are 115 x 85 x 30 mm. The Weight is 120 g.

The Index of Protection is IP30

For technical assistance, refer to the Sontay manualsheet and contact our technical support team.

Radiant heat in indoor environments is measured using black bulb temperature sensors in the TT-BB family. Comfort temperature, which is defined as the average of the conductive and radiant temperatures, is determined using black bulb temperature sensors. The sensing elements of the units are either high-quality thermistors, nickel, or platinum.

What is a Black Bulb Sensor?

Black bulb sensors, also known as globe thermometers or radiant heat thermometers, are devices used to measure radiant heat in an area. They are commonly used in conjunction with infrared heaters to monitor the thermal environment and ensure optimal heating conditions. Here's how black bulb sensors work and their role in controlling infrared heaters:

Understanding black bulb sensors: A black bulb sensor consists of a temperature sensor enclosed within a black-coloured globe or bulb. The black surface absorbs radiant heat, allowing the sensor to measure the effective temperature resulting from both convective and radiant heat transfer.

Placement of black bulb sensors: Black bulb sensors should be strategically placed in the areas where you want to monitor radiant heat. Position them at a representative location within the space, away from direct airflow or other heat sources, to obtain accurate readings.

Measuring radiant heat: The black bulb sensor absorbs radiant heat from the surroundings while also measuring the air temperature. By comparing the air temperature (dry-bulb temperature) and the temperature recorded by the black bulb sensor (wet-bulb temperature), you can determine the radiant heat component present in the environment.

Controlling infrared heaters: Black bulb sensors play a crucial role in controlling infrared heaters as they help in assessing the effectiveness of radiant heat transfer. By measuring the radiant heat component, you can adjust the output or operating parameters of the heaters to maintain the desired thermal conditions.

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