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6kW Remote Control Variable Heater Controllers

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Shadow Industrial 6kW Remote Control Variable Heater Controller Manual

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Full Details

Expandable Heating 3 Zone Control System

Bring flexibility to your industrial or commercial space

6kW Remote Heater controller (receiver)

The 6kW Remote Heater controller is a wireless RF receiver which controls the power to infrared heaters up to a load capacity of 6kW. This device is paired with the 3 zone remote Master Transmitter. Any number of these devices can be in a zone as long as they are with 100 meter transmit range. the heaters can then be controlled in any one of the three zones.

This device is compatible with the wall mounted 3 Zone wireless transmitter or the portable hand held version.

Example installation

For example: A simple solution for a 100 square meter industrial space might be to install three Shadow 6kW industrial heaters. Each one would be connected through a 6kW receiver and placed into the three different zones. Each heater could be switched on independently and could be set at different heat levels to give heat to the areas that are being used.

Energy Efficient

High Power Industrial Infrared Heating

The Shadow Industrial Heater range is the perfect option to heat large industrial or warehouse spaces, especially when paired with our 6kW Remote Heater Controller. Avoid unnecessary energy consumption by heating the exact areas you need and at the exact temperature, reducing energy costs in the process. 

Heating large or difficult-to-heat buildings generally requires high-power and energy-efficient heating solutions. The 6kW Remote Heater Controller allows you to zone multiple heaters to achieve the best results and customise your heating set up.

Customise Your Heating Performance 

The 6kW Remote Heater Controller allows you to entirely customise your heater's output, and heat at your desired temperature. Built-in temperature sensors can monitor the ambient temperature of the space so they can adjust the heat output to keep the temperature consistent and comfortable. 

Set up a programmable schedule for different times of the day or specific days of the week. For example, you can program the heater to automatically turn on at the opening time and turn off at the end of the day, offering you more flexibility. 

Less Waste

When pairing your Shadow Industrial heaters to the 6kW Remote Heater Controller, you are more in control of your heat output, allowing you to adjust the temperature with each heater in each zone heating at the same or different temperatures. This heavily reduces waste as each heater will be heating at the optimal temperature and not under or overheating your premises. 


6kW Remote Variable Heater Controller (receiver)

Shadow Industrial 6kW Remote Control Variable Heater Controller Manual

Preconfigured before delivery

Tell us your controller requirements and we'll preconfigure everything for you.

When you heating solution arrives, it is setup and ready for installation. Control systems are factory setup according to your specific needs. All you need is a competent electrician to install the heaters and controllers in your specified locations.

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